Sunday, September 2, 2012

2nd September 2012: Rally Finds Unreported?

A You Tube rally-flick made two years ago intended to convince people that "artefact hunters are not taking much out of the archaeological record" is worth revisiting ["Focus on UK Metal Detecting: Just Three More Years"] (warning: gratuitous stone-throwing scenes).

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My original remarks on this concerned the number of recordable finds made and the announcement that:
All finds have been recorded but will not be released to the PAS for 5 years at the landowners request.
This raises a number of questions, mentioned in my post. The Code of Responsible Detecting says that detecting without reporting to the PAS cannot be considered responsible detecting. Just three more years and two months to go.

There's now  under my original post an interesting comment by Nate Weizel about one of the finds (or was it one of the finds?) Apparently a silver annular brooch.

What steps are the PAS taking to make sure finds like this, bragged about in public media, are duly reported and recorded? 

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