Saturday, August 27, 2011

About this Blog

This blog is an offshoot of another one which I write (Portable Antiquities Collecting and Heritage Issues) which, as its title suggests, discusses the issues surrounding portable antiquity collecting. One of the many topics it touches on is the Portable Antiquities Scheme of England and Wales (soon to be England only).

Over the years a number of questions about British policy have arisen and have been posed on my blog. In recent months, due no doubt to the variety of other issues cropping up (US legislation and egregious cases of museum cupidity, the looting in Egypt and now Libya and other issues), these questions have been swamped there by other matters. it is the purpose of this blog to bring these questions in a single space, allowing the PAS and their supporters to see at a glance what issues have been raised and could usefully be addressed in their public outreach. To save space and time, the actual questions will be summarised here, with a link back to the post on my main blog where the reasons for asking them might be made a bit more clear. I will also post here other questions which I note have been asked in various media by members of the public in England and Wales (and welcome any pointed from readers to items I may have missed).

In this way it is hoped that some transparency may be achieved, and we can all see which questions the PAS has answered, and which ones they have so far been unable to answer in their archaeological outreach to the British public, antiquity collectors as well as the majority who do not collect antiquities.

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