Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Aug 2011 - 5) Grave Robbing by Archaeologists

Metal Detectorist Steve Taylor imagines he lives in a "Christian country" and asks "How much do we need..." and accuses archaeologists of "grave robbing":
Should archaeologists be able to plunder and desecrate ancient grave sites[?] In a Christian society is it right in the name of science that graves are being looted by archaeologists, just to see how these people lived and died. It a bit like the Japanese whaling fleets killing whales to study, but in reality it is just an excuse to carry on eating them. Have we not now got enough evidence to say these people died of X, and leave the rest in peace[?]
Could the PAS as part of their public outreach inform members of the public why and when in modern archaeology graves are excavated, and what laws and codes of ethics apply? There seems some confusion in the public mind about this, can the PAS as part of its archaeological outreach clarify these issues? Thanks.

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